Magnet Fishermen Discover Large Quantity of Explosive Devices

Failsworth, England Magnet fishing enthusiast, Sophie Doyle, was one of a small group of magnetic fishermen who discovered over 1,000 potential underwater explosive items in a canal at Daisy Nook Country Park. Police, EOD, and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service responded to the call of what is believed to be railway track explosives.

In a social media post, Doyle said that the devices "seem to be absolutely everywhere" in the canal and that the police and bomb squad were "in shock when they saw what we had all retrieved from the water."

A cordon was in place for several hours while the items were removed and taken away for testing. A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said, "Officers were called to a report of possible unexploded devices found in a canal in Daisy Nook Country Park in Stannybrook Road, Failsworth, just after 5.30pm on Sunday. All devices were removed and the area open again at 9pm. Devices were taken away by the EOD for testing."

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