Large Cache of Munitions Discovered in Japanese Dam

Naha, Japan The Okinawa prefectural government has halted drawing water from the Kurashiki dam after officials discovered a large cache of UXO and drums containing projectile shells in the mud. The area is typically submerged when the dam is full, but low water levels resulted in the find during an inspection of the dam.

The rusting munitions are believed to related to historic disposal operations associated with the Kadena Ammunition Storage Area which occupies a large area of the forest surrounding the dam.


Another Hand Grenade Magnet Fishing Find

Dorchester, United Kingdom a 27 year old man magnet fishing at River Frome pulled up a rusty hand grenade. The man notified the police who responded and setup an exclusion zone around the area until an EOD team could arrive.

The man, who is a member of the Dorset Magnet Fishing Community, claimed to on Social Media that it was the third time he found a military hand grenade while magnet fishing. The first grenade was recovered from a river in Dorchester and the second grenade from the River Frome.


Joint Effort Underway to Round up Military Mementos

St. Louis, Missouri An effort is underway in St. Louis to get military-grade explosives out of homes and off the streets. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are teaming up this week to collect mementos from a friend or loved one's military service that could potentially be live and dangerous.

"This recovery week is focused on recovering military ordnance to prevent injury," said Interim Special Agent in Charge Spencer Evans of the FBI St. Louis Division in a news release. "Bomb squad technicians will only ask questions that help them identify the items and ensure their safe disposal. This initiative is not designed to gather evidence or prosecute people."

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reported 11 "Supposed Explosive/Hazardous Device" calls in 2021, while the St. Louis County Police department responded to 46 within its own jurisdiction and in municipalities it assists.


Recycling Center Closed after Multiple WWII Munition Finds

West Bromwich, United Kingdom Three suspected WWII bombs were recovered at a recycling center in West Bromwich where two other ordnance items were found just days before. The center has been closed until technicians can perform a sweep of the area where workers discovered the bombs.

The latest finds follow the discovery of two torpedoes found at the site three days earlier. A road was temporarily closed as an Army EOD unit responded to dispose of the munitions.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson reported, "Workers found three further suspected World War Two bombs at a recycling site on Giffords Way, West Bromwich at 9.50am on Thursday January 27. The Army Ordnance Disposal team removed the devices after examinations showed they posed no risk. Two other World War Two bombs which had been found by staff at the site were safely disposed of on Monday (January 24). We understand the site will now remain closed until a surveyor has attended to assess the land further."

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