Large Cache of Munitions Discovered in Japanese Dam

Naha, Japan The Okinawa prefectural government has halted drawing water from the Kurashiki dam after officials discovered a large cache of UXO and drums containing projectile shells in the mud. The area is typically submerged when the dam is full, but low water levels resulted in the find during an inspection of the dam.

The rusting munitions are believed to related to historic disposal operations associated with the Kadena Ammunition Storage Area which occupies a large area of the forest surrounding the dam.

Members of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (SDF) responded to remove any potential UXO, and the Okinawa Defense Bureau of the Defense Ministry is conducting an investigation as to whether there was any soil contamination in the areas surrounding the dam.

SDF officials reported that the contents discovered included 'rifle bullets' and 'lead bullets'.

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