Mother and Son Drive Trench Mortar Home

North Yorkshire, England A mother and son had quite an unexpected adventure when they went on a magnet fishing trip on Mother's Day. While magnet fishing in River Rye, the son caught a rusty old item he first thought to be part of an old camping stove or farm machinery and decided to take his find home. The pair reportedly drive over 50-miles home with their newly found "treasure" in the backseat.

However, when the arrived at home, they examined the item further and started became concerned so they went on-line to see if they could identify the item. After some web searching, they become alarmed that the item was ordnance and decided to contact police. The British Army's Royal Logistic Corps bomb disposal squad responded and identified the item as a British Trench Mortar Bomb. The item was safely disposed of without incident by the EOD team.

In an interview, the grandmother of the boy said, "My daughter contacted me last night to tell me the bomb squad was on their way from Catterick after she contacted the police about something my grandson had found whilst magnet fishing in Helmsley on Mother's Day. It turned out to be an unexploded WWII mortar bomb."


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