Archaeological Survey Team Finds UXO

Kennesaw, Georgia A team of archaeologists conducting a metal detection survey in preparation for a new hiking trail at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield found an intact Civil War era ordnance item. The survey team notified the police who dispatched the Cobb County Police Department Bomb Squad to respond to the call.

According a posting on the Cobb County Police Department social media site, the round was identified a 157-year-old parrot shell that "was discovered 10 inches below the surface and was used extensively in the Civil War by the Union Army."

The 2,965-acre Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park preserves the battleground where Union and Confederate forces fought from June 19 through July 2 in 1864. The fighting was part of the Atlanta Campaign, during which "more than 67,000 soldiers were killed, wounded and captured," Explore Georgia says.

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