Canadian EOD Responds to UXO Reports on Manitoba First Nations Lands

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) confirmed that unexploded explosive ordnance (UXO) was recently discovered in two Manitoba First Nations.

According to a CAF spokesperson, the 17 Wing Winnipeg's EOD team was notified about one ordnance observed in Black River First Nation on the beach. The following day, team members found two additional munitions  one in Black River First Nation and another in Fort Alexander First Nation.

CAF safely transported the munitions to the 17 Wing EOD disposal range, where they were destroyed. A spokesperson explained that the items were air-dropped location markers used for search and rescue operations over water.

The markers are discharged from search and rescue aircraft when something of interest is found in the water. The marker ignites on contact with water, which allows rescuers to return to that exact location if necessary. The flares discharge a thick, dirty-white smoke that can be spotted from aircraft.

So far in 2022, the CAF has responded 94 times to recover and dispose of 322 UXOs  32 of which were marker location marines.

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