Dangerous Donation Sparks EOD Response at a Charity Shop

Norwich, England British Army EOD was called to a charity shop after someone made an explosive donation. Volunteers sorting through items at the Priscilla Bacon Hospice warehouse near Norwich discovered a live fuze from a WWI munition. Staff were evacuated from the area and the bomb squad responded to remove the live item to a nearby field where it was counter charged for disposal.

Upon finding the suspicious item, the volunteers sent a picture to authorities. Hugo Stevenson, head of Priscilla Bacon Hospice operations and fundraising, said, "The expert came back with great haste. He sent an urgent message to the charity stating the item was a fuse section from an artillery shell, which appeared to be a live explosive and could be potentially volatile as it was over 100 years old. He said it was the fuse section of an artillery shell - the nose cone - that explodes first."

An Army spokesperson said, "An Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from 621 Squadron in Colchester responded to an incident in Low Road in Drayton, Norfolk, on 7th July 2022, at the request of Norfolk Police. The team identified a British WWI fuse which was safely removed and destroyed."

In a statement the charity said, "We're normally grateful for all donations, but this was more than we bargained for."

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