Old Munition Removed from Beach by British EOD

Worbarrow Bay, England British EOD responded to a Dorset beach after an ordnance was discovered. The area was cordoned off and the Kimmeridge Coastguard was called to locate the item.

Coastguard tool a picture of the munition and sent it to the bomb disposal team at Tidworth Army Camp. EOD evaluated the image and decided to send a team out to investigate.

EOD confirmed that the item was inert but they removed the round for proper disposal so as not to trigger future responses from others should it be left in place. A spokesperson for Kimmeridge Coastguard told reports covering the find, "we were in contact with EOD and agreed we would initially put out a safety cordon to keep the public at a safe distance until confirmed safe. Thankfully on arrival and with close examination, it was confirmed the ordnance was safe with no explosive inside."

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