EOD Responds to Construction Site Adjacent to Ramstein AFB, Germany

Kaiserslautern, Germany German EOD have safely defused a WWII bomb discovered during excavation for a new electric vehicle battery plant. The 550-pound munition was located less than 20 inches underground beneath a concrete slab on the site of the former Opel car factory.

The construction site is situated between the U.S. Army's Rhine Ordnance Barracks and Pulaski Barracks, which led to a temporary delay for some incoming flights to Ramstein Air Base.

Following the EOD response, Alexander Schaefer, a troop lead with the Rheinland-Pfalz explosive ordnance clearance service, told reporters, "the bomb was equipped with two mechanical fuses, one in the front and one in the rear." The bomb contained more than 275 pounds of explosives.

Once rendered safe, the bomb was then transported to a bunker for temporary storage until it can be moved to an ordnance disposal range near Luebeck.

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