EOD Remove 500-lb Drill Bomb Near Utah Interstate

Clearfield, Utah EOD from Hill Air Force Base (AFB)took possession of a 500-pound bomb discovered by a construction crew near Interstate 15 in Provo.

"We were working with the Utah County bomb squad," said Captain Bryce Muzzy. "They were on scene already and we decided it was a hazard we need to go check out immediately. We verified that it was non-hazardous."

According to Capt. Muzzy, the "drill bomb" was built before WWII and was likely used for air crews to load and unload jets. He also noted that the squad has responded to UXO finds in the area before, though perhaps not for such a large ordnance.

Muzzy also praised the construction crew who made the discovery for calling Provo police first.

"We just want to emphasize whenever people do find things like this, it's important for people to understand that it's not just something to check out or mess with it to call local authorities and they will route it to one of the local bomb squads or up to a local military team like us."

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