Unattended Explosives Result in Evacuation at Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton, California military explosives were found unattended in an office building at Camp Pendleton, prompting a temporary evacuation of the area. There were no injuries reported during the event, according to the Marine Corps.

An unidentified explosive was safely removed by EOD for disposal and the office building was deemed safe shortly afterward. According to Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Joshua Pena, the discovery was made during the routine installation of information technology equipment in the building.


Five Hospitalized after Phosphorus Exposure from WWII Bomb

Stuttgart, Germany U.S. Army officials confirmed that five construction workers were hospitalized recently after an unexploded WWII-era phosphorus bomb was accidentally struck by a backhoe at Patch Barracks, home to U.S. European Command headquarters. Investigators speculate that the impact of the backhoe resulted in the breaching of the munition casing exposing the WP filler to air.


Report Offers Lessons Learned from UXO Boating Accident

Norfolk, England Fishermen hauling in their equipment reportedly set off a WWII bomb on the seabed, causing an explosion that almost sank the boat and injuring five crew members, according to a Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) report just released. The report details the accident which took place just over a year ago off the coast of Norfolk.

The vessel was hauling in crab pots when it disturbed the 250-kg bomb, triggering shock waves that tossed the boat, wounding five of the seven crew members. Injuries sustained included significant head, back and knee injuries, and the boat's hull and machinery were badly damaged.

Following the explosion, the crew was able to send out a distress message and launch the life raft. They were picked up by rescue boats sent from a nearby support vessel.

The report goes on to state that the boat was not directly hit by fragments of the bomb. It states, "It is likely that direct exposure to the full detonation of ordnance, containing 123kg explosive charge, would have blown the vessel apart. Although the physical injuries were significant to five of the seven crew, they were fortunate not to be killed."

The report also identifies two key safety issues for others to learn from. One being that UXO remain highly volatile even after many years underwater. The second is that the boat's crew could not have anticipated disturbing the bomb with the strings connected to the crab pots. The training, experience and emergency preparedness of the crew improved their chances of survival.

The MAIB report concluded, "The aim of this report is to highlight the dangers that still exist with unexploded ordnance in the seas around the UK, and the actions to take should fisherman encounter any. In this case, the skipper and crew could not have foreseen the explosion and their level of preparedness to deal with such an emergency saved lives."

Download the report from UXOInfo.com: MAIG Galwad-Y-More Report .

Teenager Killed by Stolen UXO

Zamboanga City, Philippines A teenage boy was killed and his two friends injured after a UXO which they had stolen exploded. According to the Director of the Zamboanga City Police Office, five boys initially went out for a swim when three of them decided to enter the grounds of the Naval Forces Western Mindanao in Barangay Rio Hondo through a seawall.

Reportedly, the boys found the ordnance inside a bucket surrounded by a pile of used tires. One of the boys apparently threw the item against the seawall, resulting in a blast killing his friend and injuring the other. The police investigation concluded the UXO was an artillery round from the Philippine military.

Air Reserve Base Evacuated Due to Ordnance Incident

Homestead, Florida The Air Force has released very few details concerning the evacuation of Homestead Air Reserve Base and nearby residents due to a potentially hazardous situation caused by a 500-pound bomb. Although not confirmed by the Air Force, it was reported that a 500-pound bomb dropped from one of the F-16 fighter planes while on the ground and rolled near an area where other bombs were stored.

The Base and surrounding community was impacted for several hours as the 482nd Air Force EOD unit reportedly, according to a statement released by the Base, "rendered the damage ordnance safe."

An investigation is underway to determine how the incident occurred and who may be responsible for the incident. Criminal prosecution and /or disciplinary actions may be taken if it is discovered that someone was negligent in their duties.

Man Killed From Handling UXO

Carinthia, Austria a 59-year-old man was killed when a UXO, likely a relic from World War II, exploded on the edge of a Lake Ossiach. Carinthia state police reported that the man was handling the item by the shore when it exploded. The type of UXO was not reported.

Man Killed by 105mm Projectile during Cookout

Honiara, Soloman Islands A man is dead and three others injured after a WWII shell detonated in the Solomon Islands. According to police, the tragedy happened when a group of young people holding a fundraiser in the capital, Honiara, built a fire to cook food "without realizing that there was a bomb laying underground".

Inspector Clifford Tunuki, from the Solomon Islands' EOD team said the remaining fragments of the shell have been found and safely removed from the site for disposal. "Police have responded to the incident and secured the scene after the blast," Tunuki said.

In his statement Tubuki continued, "EOD experts have identified the bomb, which is a US 105mm high-explosive projectile that remained after World War II." This is the third fatality in the area in just over six months caused by exploding WWII ordnance.

11-Year-Old Lucky to be Alive after UXO Encounter

Solomon Islands An eleven-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after suffering from severe burns to both hands from allegedly playing with a WWII 81mm mortar round. The munition had been exposed due to recent bad weather.

According to the boy's older brother, he spotted the 81mm mortar on the ground after climbing a tree. He climbed down and went to play with the munition.

When he reached down to touch it, he caught on fire, causing severe burns to boy's legs and hands. An elderly man who happened to be nearby, quickly put out the fire.


Investigation Launched For Missing C-4

Twentynine Palms, CAFederal agents have launched an investigation into allegation that approximately 10-pounds of C-4 explosives have gone missing from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is investigating the matter. Marine Corps officials referred questions -- including when the explosives are believed to have gone missing, how they're typically safeguarded, what units were involved in the recent exercise, and whether any suspects have been identified -- to NCIS.


Teen Killed When Antique Store Purchase Detonated

Abingdon, Virginia A teen was killed after a hand grenade he purchased at a North Carolina antique store which detonated. The unidentified teen reportedly purchased the grenade months earlier at the Fancy Flea Antique Mall in Shallotte, North Carolina.

Reportedly neither the vendor nor the buyer believed it was a functioning grenade at the time of purchase. The issued a statement about the incident on the incident indicating that agents are searching for other explosive related items that may have been unknowingly sold at the same antique store.


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