Mustard-Filled Munitions Uncovered in Utah Desert

Tooele, Utah Mustard-filled munitions were found during the cleanup of a Utah chemical depot, according to Army Spokeswoman Alaine Grieser. The Deseret Chemical Depot, a 19,000-acre facility whose Chemical Agent Disposal Facility was closed in 2012, still contains 27 informal dumps where weapons and debris were burned in the years before the environmental impact of such actions were understood. Among the munitions found were buried containers of mustard, a liquid blistering agent, contained in non-explosive mortar cartridges.


Mustard Filled Rounds Found Near Future Coal Mine Site

Columboola, Australia A survey crew working for coal company scouting out locations for new coal mines uncovered a cache of WWII era shells. The workers called the police who responded with support from an Australian Defense Department EOD team. In all, 144 shells were found with three confirmed as CWM filled (mustard) rounds. The mustard rounds have been over packed in storage container and transported for safe keeping until they can be properly disposed of. The location where the rounds were found was reportedly a former U.S. weapons facility during WW II. The rounds were identified as WWII era U.S. shells (size and specific type not reported).

CWM Mortar Round Found During Range Clearance

Schofield Barracks, Hawaii UXO clearance workers clearing an area for a Stryker battle area complex found a WWI era CWM filled 4 inch stokes mortar (see below). The UXO clearance team alerted the Army once they discovered the mortar round was liquid filled. The Army notified Aberdeen Proving Grounds who dispatched an Army Tech Escort team to investigate the discovery.

Oklahoma UXO


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