Kids Find Civil War Cannonball near Virginia Home

Seaford, Virginia Children playing with a metal detector near their home discovered a large, round object buried a couple feet below ground. They brought their find inside the house to show the parents who immediately cleared the kids away and called the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office (YPSO) as they recognized the item as a cannonball.

Sheriff's deputies who responded notified EOD from Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Yorktown. The detachment took possession of the ordnance, later determined to be a Civil War-era, 12-pound smoothbore round from the Union Army.


Pool Excavation Yields Civil War-Era Ordnance

Miami, Florida An evacuation for a pool on a residential property was temporary halted after a homeowner discovered ordnance while digging. According to Lt. David Golt of the Miami Shores Police Department, "The bomb squad contacted the military who responded and indicated that it is a very old, possible Civil War-era device."

He went on to say, "The military has removed the device. It is unknown at this time if it would still be active. The scene is being re-opened." The rusty munition was deemed safe and people were allowed back into the neighborhood.

Civil War Artillery Shells Removed from Backyard

Sumter, South Carolina A civilian was building a planter in his garden when he came across two rusted iron objects. After putting them aside for a few weeks, he decided to do an internet search of the larger item. His search led him to suspect the object as a Civil War era artillery shell.



Cannonball Reported At Construction Site

Luton, United Kingdom Construction workers called police and reported finding a cannonball during construction activities. Police responded and cordoned off the area closing several nearby streets in the process.



Cannonballs Wash Ashore From Hurricane Dorian

Folly Island, South Carolina Seashell hunters spotted two suspicious items on Folly Beach near an old Coast Guard Base while searching through debris following Hurricane Dorian. The Charleston County bomb disposal team responded and notified a US Air Force EOD for technical assistance.


EOD identified the items as Civil War-era ordnance including one 8" shell and one 3" shell. EOD safely removed the items for disposal.


Tennessee Cannonball Mystery

Memphis, Tennessee an alert homeowner called the police after finding cannonballs in his front yard. The police call the bomb squad who took several x-rays of the items and identified them as inert Civil War era cannonballs. Authorities are unclear how the cannonballs ended up on the property and are investigating it further.

Civil War UXO Found in Virginia Yard

Petersburg, Virginia Virginia State Police and Petersburg Police responded to a home in Petersburg after a Civil War-era ordnance was found. A bomb squad was called in to recover what was described as a "live mortar round" found behind the home. The surrounding area was evacuated while experts safely removed the munition to a landfill where it was detonated.

Patio Parrot Round

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Construction of a patio for a home in North Myrtle Beach was halted when workers unearthed Civil War-era UXO. The city's public safety department secured the area and the Horry County bomb squad was called to the scene.

Shaw Air Force Base EOD was brought in to remove the ordnance, identified as a 3" Parrot round. Following removal, the item was safely destroyed at a site west of the Intracoastal Waterway.


Old Ordnance Found Along Irish Road

Co Kildare, Ireland An Army Bomb Disposal Team was called to the scene by police when a Civil War Era munition was found along a local road. Several houses were evacuated and a cordon established as the bomb disposal rendered the ordnance safe.

Cache of Spanish War Ordnance Discovered

Aragon, Spain Officers of Guardia Civil (Spain's law enforcement agency) uncovered a large cache of Spanish Civil War ordnance in the Jiloca river. Divers spent several weeks removing 538 UXO items from the shallow waters and thick mud of the river. The UXO was safely transported for off-site disposal.


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