Shop Owner Report Cannonball in Store

Bentonville, Arkansas The owner of a Backstreet Trader, a home furnishing store, called police to report a Civil War cannonball in his showcase. The owner reportedly bought the item at auction over a year ago but became concerned after seeing a news report about a similar find that turned out to be live.



You Know the 'Ole College "Keg in the Closet," but This??

Minot, North Dakota A residence hall at Minot State University had to be evacuated when staff members cleaning out a storage closet found a Civil War-era UXO in a box of historical artifacts. The Minot Police Department bomb squad and the Minot Air Force Base EOD Team responded to evacuate the building. The 19th century ammunition was safely removed and disposed.

Hurricane Matthew Unearths Old Explosives

Folly Beach, South Carolina Hurricane Matthew uncovered Civil War-era cannonballs on Folly Beach. A local resident found the old ordnance while walking along the beach.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office, Folly Beach Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services, and a US Air Force EOD Team responded. EOD detonated a number of the items in place on the beach, and a few were to be taken to nearby naval base, Joint Base Charleston for destruction.


Dog Sniffs Out 19th Century Mortar

Dover, United Kingdom Sign this furry friend up for the bomb squad! A man was walking his black Labrador, Barnes, on the shore of Sandwich Bay when the dog sniffed out on old mortar shell, and it isn't the dog's first munition find!

The shell, believed to be a 25-pound, high explosive shell dating from around 1890, was disposed of at the site by the Royal Navy Southern Diving Unit from Portsmouth. Barnes' previous finds include some 40-pound black powder shells, sniffed out in the same area last March.

Beach Dog Find

Antique Dealer Finds Live Cannonball

Cumming, Georgia An antique dealer helping a collector consign a lifelong collection of antiques found more than she bargained for when she found an old cannonball in the collection. Going through the collection at her home, she showed the find to her husband, an Atlanta police officer.

After researching cannonballs on the internet, the husband warned her that it could potentially be live. The couple then drove to the nearest police department, smartly leaving the cannonball behind at the house, to report the find. The local police department instructed her to call 911 so that a record of the call could be generated.


Cannonball Detonated on Boston Beach

Boston, Massachusetts The State Police Bomb Squad safely carried out a controlled explosion of an old, rusty, 12-inch Civil War Era cannonball found by a fisherman. The cannonball was found under a sand berm on Carson Beach near Castle Island.

The round was suspected of being filled with black powder. The cannonball was disposed without incident.

Living History Is Not Just a Slogan When It Come to UXO

Charleston, South Carolina Construction crews working on the expansion of the Jewish Studies Center at the College of Charleston uncovered a Civil War era munition. The construction crew called the police who responded and evacuated the immediate era. Air Force EOD from Joint Base Charleston was called in to provide technical support. EOD safely removed the munition from the area for safe disposal.


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