Ordnance Found During Dredging Operations near Irish Harbor

Courtmacsherry, Ireland Two World War I bombs were discovered during construction activities near the pier in the fishing village of Courtmacsherry. The munitions were spotted by a dredging machine operator working in the area of Courtmacsherry Harbour.

The ordnance, two shells approximately 2.5 by 1.5 ft, were initially believed to by WWII-era, but the 1 Brigade EOD Team responding determined that they were much older.

EOD transported the ordnance from the area and conducted a controlled detonation of the items.

German Bomb Dislodged by Dredge in UK

Hampshire, Unites Kingdom A controlled explosion was carried out on a 500-pound WWII bomb that was dislodged from the seabed by dredging work preparing for the arrival of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Navy's new 65,000-ton aircraft carrier set to arrive at the naval base next spring.

A 500-meter area was cordoned off while the unexploded German bomb, found in Portsmouth harbor in Hampshire, was towed out of the harbor to an area east of the Isle of Wight where a controlled explosion was carried out by the navy's Fleet Diving squadron.



UXO Found by Dredgers off Arabian Coast

Jawaharlal Nehru, India An unexploded shell, believed to be from World War-II, was found in the Arabian Sea off Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) coast during dredging operations. According to reports, the shell was 40 centimeters long, with a 10 centimeter diameter and weighed 10 kilograms. Navy officials said that a private vessel was conducting an operation when the projectile shell got stuck in the drag head of its dredging arm.

"The ship informed harbor and JNPT sought assistance from Indian Navy for removal of the shell. A team of explosives experts led by Commander Mukul Rathi was rushed. The shell was successfully removed and has been sent for further analysis and safe disposal," said a defense spokesperson.

Dredging Operation Results in UXO Discovery

Manila, Philippines A dredging company working in the Pasig River near the Guadalupe Bridge discovered two unexploded projectiles. The dredging crew immediately ceased operations and called the Philippine Coast Guard for support who in turn dispatched its Special Operations Group-Explosive Ordnance Division (SOG-EOD) to respond. EOD identified the UXO as WWII era projectiles 76mm and 105mm (one each). EOD transferred the projectiles in an inflatable boat to the Coast Guard Base Farola in Manila City for proper disposal. A notice to mariners was then issued to vessels traveling along the Pasig River which connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay to take precaution due to potential for UXO in the area.

Bomb Dredged Up During Beach Replenishment

Sutton, United Kingdom A dredger pulling sand from the bottom of the seabed 4-miles out from shore discovered a munition item in the process. The captain of the vessel called the Yarmouth Coastguard who responded with technical support from the Royal Navy EOD Team from Portsmouth. EOD boarded the vessel while the 22-man crew was safely evacuated. EOD rendered the item safe before taking it to shore for proper disposal. No injuries were reported and the crew was allowed to return after the incident.


WWII Era Bombs Discovered During Dredging Operations

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom a dredger working approximately four miles from the shore near Huttoft Beach dredged up two unexploded bombs from the seabed. The crew of the ship called the local police who dispatched a life boat crew for support. A Royal Navy EOD Team from Portsmouth was also dispatched to the scene to provide technical support.


UXO Found In Dredging Operation

Charleston, South Carolina Workers at the Detyens Shipyard dredging in the area of Pier H came across an old artillery shell. Workers called the police who responded with a Bomb Disposal Team. The Bomb Disposal Team reported the item and an unexploded artillery shell (type and size not reported). The UXO was transported to Charleston Air Force Base where it was properly disposed of. The UXO was from the former Charleston Navy base in North Charleston.

Cannon Ball Recovered During Beach Replenishment Project

Charleston, South Carolina Workers on a beach replenishment project reportedly heard loud clanging sounds in the pipes pumping sand from 2 miles off shore. When workers checked the other end of the pipe to see what was sucked up from the sea floor, they were surprised to find a Civil War era cannon ball.


More WWII Munitions Uncovered During Dredging Operations

Miami, Florida Workers dredging the Miami River found additional munitions items including what was reported as a large shell and a flare. This is the second find of munitions for the project. In April, dredging crews found several WWII era .50 caliber casings and 40mm practice projectiles.


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