EOD Responds to Possible Ordnance on UK Beach

Hengistbury Head, United Kingdom Southbourne Coastguard respond to the beach following reports of a possible ordnance on the shore. Responding crews set up a cordon around the area and notified an EOD team from Portsmouth Naval Base for technical support.


U.S. Seizes Illegal Ammunition and Weapons in Gulf of Oman

Source: Navy.mil.

Manama, Bahrain U.S. Naval forces in the Middle East intercepted a fishing trawler smuggling more than 50 tons of ammunition rounds, fuzes and propellants for rockets in the Gulf of Oman along a maritime route from Iran to Yemen.

Navy personnel operating from expeditionary sea base USS Lewis B. Puller (ESB 3) discovered the illicit cargo during a flag verification boarding, marking U.S. 5th Fleet's second major illegal weapons seizure within a month.

Forces from Lewis B. Puller found more than 1 million rounds of 7.62mm ammunition; 25,000 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition; nearly 7,000 proximity fuzes for rockets; and over 2,100 kilograms of propellant used to launch rocket propelled grenades.


Navy EOD and Coast Guard Capture 180 Tons of Explosives

Gulf of Oman According to a statement from U.S. Central Command, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard confiscated a large shipment of explosive materials headed to Yemen. Fishing vessel, dhow, was seized in international waters carrying more than 70 tons of the ammonium perchlorate and more than 100 tons of urea fertilizer (an explosive precursor).

Coast Guard ship USCGC John Scheuerman and Navy guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans supported the operation. It reported took EOD technicians from the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command's Task Force 56 and crew from the USS Hurricane to recover the explosives for proper disposal.


EOD Airman Charged With Aggravated Assault With Explosives

Washington, D.C. Airforce officials have charged an EOD Airman, Tech Sgt. David D. Dezwaan Jr., with planting explosives at a base in northeast Syria in April that injured four American military personnel.

The attack happened in April at a small base known as Green Village. Authorities with Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State militants, initially thought the explosion resulted from artillery or mortar rounds.


Fort Irwin-based EOD team wins all-Army EOD competition

Source Army.mil

FORT CARSON, Colo.  Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians from the Fort Irwin, California-based 759th Ordnance Company (EOD) "Detonators" earned first place in the all-Army EOD Team of the Year competition on Fort Carson, Colorado, May 15  19.

The winning team, Staff Sgt. Mark S. Owens and Spc. Brady L. Dunn, represented the 759th EOD Company, 3rd EOD Battalion, 71st EOD Group and 20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives (CBRNE) Command in the all-Army competition


Staff Sgt. Lesley S. Raynor and Spc. Shannon D. Russell from the Camp Humphreys, South Korea-based 718th Ordnance Company (EOD), 23rd Chemical Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, Eighth Army, came in second place.

Staff Sgt. Billy McCoy and Sgt. Micah K. Miler from the 722nd Ordnance Company (EOD), 192nd Ordnance Battalion (EOD), 52nd EOD Group, took third place.

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EOD Clears the Way for a Visit to Historic Fort Sill Landmark

Fort Sill, Oklahoma U.S. Army EOD technicians from the 761st Ordnance Company carried out a two-day mission to clear a path through 145 UXO on an artillery range to a historic building. The operation allowed 40 senior leaders from the Fires Center of Excellence to safely visit the blockhouse, built in the 1800s when Fort Sill was a frontier outpost and home to the "Buffalo Soldiers" of the 10th Cavalry Regiment.

The blockhouse was constructed for use as an observation point and as a weather and signaling station. "Blockhouse has been used as a reference point to locate and fire on targets," said Capt. Matthew J. Piranian, the commander of the 761st EOD Company. "Just about every artilleryman in the Army uses the Blockhouse as a reference point during their training at Fort Sill, making it a famous landmark."


EOD Respond to Dangerously Damaged UXO on UK Beach

Hengistbury Head, United Kingdom The Coastguard team at Southbourne was called to Hengistbury Head following reports of possible ordnance found on the beach. EOD was also requested to respond after confirmation that the item was indeed UXO.

A Coastguard spokesperson said, "Once on scene we located the first informant and got 'eyes on' of the possible ordnance. Once we had established it was a WWII 2-lb shell, we set up a secure area and created a suitable cordon of the area. We then awaited the arrival of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from the Royal Logistic Corp of the Army."

EOD deemed the shell too damaged to transport, so they safely detonated it on the beach. Following the incident, the Coastguard team issued a public announcement urging members of the local community to notify authorities if they spot anything they suspect to be ordnance or pyrotechnics on the beach.

EOD Delivers Spectacular 'Wall of Fire' at Air Show

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina Air shows presented by the US military are popular and awe-inspiring, but sometimes the excitement rises to a new level when the show includes an impressive pyrotechnic display known as the "wall of fire."

A recent show at MCAS Cherry Point offered viewers just that. This "wall of fire," orchestrated by highly-skilled EOD technicians, was around 1,000 ft long and several hundred ft tall.

The demonstration, typically the finale event of a show by aerial teams like the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, is designed to mimic an aircraft dropping bombs on the airfield.


The Mystery of the Misplaced Munitions

Camp Pendleton, California The Marine Corps is investigating how several artillery projectiles wound up in an area close to the barracks. On October 19, Camp Pendleton officials received two separate reports of ordnance spotted within the 43 Area of the base, according to a Marine Corps spokesperson. Emergency services and EOD responded to the area, known as Las Pulgas, and discovered one 155mm projectile. The area secured and guarded until EOD was able to conduct a controlled detonation on the item to dispose of the hazard 2 days later.

"At approximately 12:10 p.m. on Thursday, October 21, EOD personnel safely destroyed the [unexploded ordnance]," said Capt. David Mancilla, a base spokesman. No additional information was provided about how the round ended up there.


EOD Responds To Smoke Grenade Found on Beach

Totland, United Kingdom A team for the Royal Navy EOD unit from Portsmouth were called to respond to ordnance on the beach. The item was initially found by a civilian walking on the beach who notified local police. An exclusion area was setup around the area and guarded overnight until EOD could arrive the next day.


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