EOD Responds to Parking Lot UXO Call

Guam Navy EOD responded to what was believed to be an unexploded World War II ordnance at the Inarajan Pools. However, according to reports, the UXO was actually just a parking barrier covered in cement.

See the You Tube video below:


Navy EOD Technician Killed By IED

Ayn Issa, Syria Navy EOD Technician Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott Cooper Dayton, 42, died after sustaining wounds by an IED blast in northern Syria. The blast occurred in the vicinity of, near the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, where U.S. troops are working with local forces to retake the city. Dayton had been serving with Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation focused on defeating Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.


It's' A Bird, It's A Plane, No It's EOD

Fort Bragg, North Carolina Members of the Army's 767th Ordnance Company (EOD) made history earlier this month by practicing the Army's first conventional airborne EOD operations with members of the 82nd Airborne Division. The airborne training was provided to 16 EOD technicians as part of an effort to integrate EOD assets into the 82nd Airborne's global response force (GRF) mission. Other EOD technicians will be attending jump school at Fort Benning, Georgia.


Operation Render Safe Nets 400 UXO in First Week

Solomon Islands Royal New Zealand Navy EOD divers from the HMNZS Mamawanui, a diving support vessel working jointly with a Canadian Defence Force EOD unit, are recovering WWII era UXO from the Solomon Islands. The clearance, dubbed Operation Render Safe 2016, is a 3-week (Sept. 15 to Oct. 7) training mission for EOD personnel with the end result directly benefiting the local communities.

Over the past week, the EOD teams have been working in the Russell Island group, which lies north-west of Guadalcanal, where they recovered over 400 UXO including underwater UXO.



Ft. Bragg's Hall of Heroes Honors Fallen EOD

Fort Bragg, North Carolina A memorial established by the members of the 192nd EOD Battalion out of Fort Bragg was dedicated on April 21. The Hall of Heroes honors the 45 EOD soldiers who died in the line of duty while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since March 2001. Seven of those soldiers served with the 192nd.

The memorial seeks to not only to serve as a tribute, but to serve as a window into the unit's past for new members, many of whom have not participated in the types of missions that claimed the lives of their fellow EOD specialists.

In a statement, 192nd Commander Lt. Col. Benjamin Lipari said, "The day we fail to remember to honor our fallen, the day we forget that we serve a higher purpose than just ourselves, that is the day we lose focus on what it means to be a soldier."


EOD Responds To Report of Cannonball at Museum

Bozeman, Montana Management personnel at the Gallatin History Museum called police to report a cannonball that was found while museum workers were clearing out a museum vault. The cannonball was neatly packed in a wooden box. The munition was reportedly found on a ranch many years ago and was donated to the museum.

Cannonball Fort Ellis, MT


Suicide Prevention Help For EOD / UXO Technicians

A public service posting from UXOInfo.com

'After The Long Walk' is a group of active duty, retired, and former EOD Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that have come together for one simple purpose, to help one another.

The organization is available 24/7 by calling (888) 412-0470 or by email afterthelongwalk@gmail.com.

If you are an EOD or UXO Technician going through difficult times and think suicide is the answer, please contact 'After The Long Walk' at (888)412-0474 for help.

To help support this valuable organization, please visit AfterTheLongWalk.com to learn how to donate. Help eliminate suicide in the EOD / UXO community.

After The Long Walk Logo

"Ride Across America" for EOD Ready to Roll

On Sunday November 1, retired Virginia State Police Bomb Technician, Bobby Klepper, will climb on his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Virginia Beach, VA and take off on the journey of a lifetime, traveling across the United States to San Diego, all while wearing a bomb suit. Bobby is a 34-year veteran with the state police and has over 30 years in the EOD community, and is no stranger to adversity and intense challenges, yet wearing a bomb suit while riding a motorcycle cross-country could be his biggest challenge yet.

This "Ride Across America" is a fundraiser benefiting the EOD Warrior Foundation, a 501c3 organization that serves the EOD Community by providing assistance to active-duty wounded, injured or ill warriors, wounded veterans and their families, and families of fallen warriors. The organization also maintains the EOD Memorial Wall in honor of fallen EOD warriors. The Foundation believes the EOD family is for life and is committed to providing the necessary assistance and ongoing support to military families stationed around the world.


A Long Ride to Honor Those Who Take the "Long Walk"

Virginia Beach, Virginia Anyone associated with EOD has certainly heard about the "long walk," a reference to the technician's walk from command post to the incident site. To support those men and women who risk life and limb in the interest of public safety from the threats of UXO, retired Virginia State Police Bomb Technician Bobby Klepper will set out on November 1 to ride cross-country on a motorcycle wearing a bomb suit. His will make the trek in an effort to draw national attention to these EOD heroes and raise money for the EOD Warrior Foundation.

Klepper, a bomb technician himself for 34 years, came up with the plan while discussing his desire to help the EOD cause with friends. This self-described "bar napkin" idea has taken several years and numerous sponsors to bring to fruition. The three-week ride will begin in Virginia Beach, VA and end in San Diego, California and will include media stops and opportunities for other riders to join his journey along the way. It will be a southern route as a stop will be made at the EOD Memorial in Elgin, Florida for a memorial service and wreath laying in the initial stages of the ride.

Klepper will be raising funds for the EOD WARRIOR FOUNDATION , a nonprofit organization that serves the EOD Community providing assistance to active-duty wounded, injured or ill warriors, wounded veterans and their families, and families of fallen warriors. The organization also maintains the EOD Memorial Wall in honor of fallen EOD warriors. The Foundation believes the EOD family is for life and many will host events for the public along the way.


Navy EOD Plans for Civil War Era Ordnance Recovery Effort

Savannah, Georgia A Navy EOD dive team is scheduled to conduct an underwater UXO clearance around the sunken CSS Georgia in support of a salvage operation to recover the Civil War Era vessel for historical purposes. Original estimates of six UXO in the area were increased to over 70 following a USACE survey of the area. The increased in the number of expected targets caused a three week delay in the project.

Navy EOD plans to recover as many ordnance as they can intact as the Naval History and Heritage Command expressed a desire to conserve as many of ordnance as possible due to their intrinsic historical value. Plans for the operation call for the 20-man crew from EOD Mobile Unit 6 Detachment Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay to place the ordnance in holding fixtures until Marine EOD technicians can inert the items (Marines are the only service authorized to inert munitions).


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