WWII Aerial Bomb Forces Closures in Outer Banks Hatteras

Buxton, North Carolina A U.S. EOD unit from Norfolk, Virginia confirmed that the object discovered on a Cape Hatteras National Seashore beach in Buxton is a live military ordnance. EOD has placed the UXO, identified as a 100-pound aerial bomb from the WWII era, on the beach near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach Access parking area as it awaits disposal.

A safety perimeter measuring approximately a half mile has been established around the UXO. The following areas are closed until Navy EOD unit detonates the UXO and determines that the entire perimeter is safe: Cape Hatteras Light Station grounds and parking area; Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse parking area and beach; Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach Access and parking area; and the Buxton Beach Access and parking area

What is A Small Business UXO Company ?

Editorial by UXOInfo.com

Washington, D.C. Traditionally, large UXO/MMRP related contracts such as the USACE's MAMMS, WERS, and MEGA related contracts as well as Navy and Air Force UXO /MMRP contracts have utilized the "Environmental Remediation Services" category under NAICS code 562910 to set the small business size standard. Under the Environmental Remediation Services category, the small business size standard is set at 500 employees. This means that as long as a company has less than 500 employees, they are considered a Small Business and hence, able to compete for small business set asides.

Effective February 26, 2016, the Small Business Administration (SBA) announced a change to the NAICS code small business size standards. The new size standard for Environmental Remediation Services category under 562910 is 750 employees (i.e., a 50% increase over the current size standard). Does this help or hinder the UXO industry? The answer likely varies from one side or another depending upon what company or employee you ask.


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