UXO Hampers Firefighting Operation

Salt Lake City, Utah The Pinyon Fire burning on Camp Williams has burned over 5 acres of land including part of a mock Afghan village used for training. Crews battling the blaze have been hampered by the possibility of UXO in the area. Helicopters are being used to battle the fire from a distance as ground crews stay outside the exclusion zone monitoring the fire. At one point nearly 100 homes were evacuated but the evacuation has since been lifted.

Munitions Training Starts Fire

San Diego, California A brush fire that started on one of Camp Pendleton's active training ranges has burned more than 200 acres and is moving northeast toward the installation. The cause of the fire was reportedly linked to munitions training (munition type involved not reported).

Crews are fighting the fire from the sky with fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter due to concerns over UXO in the area. Efforts are underway to contain the fire. So far, no structures have been damaged .

Wildfire Uncovers Munitions Near Residential Neighborhood

Makakilo, Hawaii A wildfire burning near a residential subdivision revealed five munitions items that were initially hidden in the brush and overgrowth. The munitions were found by fire fighters fighting flare ups in the area. The Honolulu Police Department's Specialized Services Division responded and identified the munitions as military ordnance. The police then called the Army for support. The Army dispatched the 303rd EOD unit based out of Schofield Barracks to provide technical support. EOD identified the munitions as 2.75 inch rockets. At least two of the rockets reportedly contained potentially live fuzes with the remaining being inert. EOD safely transported the munition to Schofield Barracks for proper disposal. The cause of the wildfire was undetermined.

Impact Area Fire Fighting Efforts Hampered By UXO

Edinburgh, Indiana The National Guard is busy trying to extinguish the fire that has been burning in their impact area since 21 October. Due to concerns over UXO in the area, the firefighting efforts are concentrated on using helicopters to deliver water to the area. The fire reportedly started when a flare used in the impact area caught the grass on fire. No residential properties are in danger but several neighbors have voiced concerns to their Congressman (Milo Smith) and the Base Commander about heavy smoke in the area.


Safety Concerns Raised Over Fire on Range Land

Lompoc, California Firefighters are reportedly taking extra precautions as they fight a fire on Vandenberg AFB due to concerns over UXO in the area. The Bear Creek fire which has scorched nearly 1,300 acres is almost complete extinguished. Officials reported that the fire was caused by an arching power line last Thursday afternoon.


UXO Concerns Influence Fire Fighting Tactics

Fairbanks, Alaska Fire crews fighting and monitoring the Willow Creek fire 10 miles south of Fairbanks were forced to fight the fire from the air and from the Tanana River due to the potential for UXO in the area. So far, just over 2,000 acres have burned but no residential homes have been threatened. The fire, which was reported on 10 June, was caused by reportedly caused by lighting. The Tanana Flats area where the fire started was a former bombing range used the 1940s through the 1990s.

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