Virginia Woman Catches Cannonball Magnet Fishing

Colonial Heights, Virginia A woman magnet fishing in Swift Creek pulled in something a little different than her normal scrap metal - a live Civil War-era cannonball. The woman told reporters that she was using a "Magnetar Magnetics 1400-pound pull" when she "hooked" the large heavy object. Once she pulled the catch up, she noticed it was ordnance and she proceeded to notify the Colonial Heights Police Department, who then alerted State Police of the potential "unexploded ordnance."

Police responded to evacuate and lose the park while State Police bomb technicians safely detonated what was identified as a Civil War-era cannonball.


Magnet Fishing Newbie Reels in Old Ordnance

West Country, England A man magnet fishing for the first time was shocked to pull in three old ordnance items from a West Country lake. Apex Park in Highbridge was cordoned off for several hours as police and EOD from Salisbury responded.


Magnet Fisher 'Catches' Historic Ordnance in Oxford River

Oxford, England The discovery of a suspected tank round in Castle Mill Stream led to authorities cordoning off a portion of Oxford. Police and bomb disposal experts responded after magnet fishers from Thame Magnet Fishing pulled up the device from the water.

Trevor Penny, one of the fishers said he thought it was tank ammunition, but a police officer responding believed it could be anti-aircraft round.

Penny notified police after posting pictures of the device to a social media site. He then moved the suspected munition to a field opposite the site to avoid any "unnecessary evacuations." He said, "We also asked members of the public to leave the field. Police got there within five minutes and cordoned off the area."


Peaky Dippers Reel in WWI Shell While Magnet Fishing

Worcester, United Kingdom An EOD team carried out a controlled detonation of a 15-lb WWI artillery shell pulled up by magnet fisherman in the River Severn according to West Mercia Police. The Peaky Dippers, who are a group of amateur magnet fishers who post their finds on social media, found the artillery shell. South Quay by the River Severn was cordoned off during the detonation but has now been reopened.

Magnet Fishers Rack up Fines after Pulling Rockets from Fort Stewart River

Fort Stewart, Georgia A group of treasure hunters magnet fishing in a river on Fort Stewart pulled in 86 rockets, a tank tracer round, and .50 caliber ammo belts and were rewarded with several fines from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The group, led by treasure hunter Bryce Nachtwey, called the bomb squad after discovering the cache in a Delta Airlines duffel bag. A Fort Stewart Military Police officer who responded to the scene said that he had never seen something like this, and needed to check in with his command to see what next steps to take. However, upon arrival, the Georgia DNR's local game warden ticketed them for magnet fishing off the Fort Stewart bridge.

One of the fishermen said, "I didn't see any signs." But the warden responded, "You're all gettin' tickets, you can come to court and talk to a judge, okay? The reason magnet fishing is not allowed is because of exactly what y'all got right there. You don't know what's going to blow up and not blow up."


Mother and Son Drive Trench Mortar Home

North Yorkshire, England A mother and son had quite an unexpected adventure when they went on a magnet fishing trip on Mother's Day. While magnet fishing in River Rye, the son caught a rusty old item he first thought to be part of an old camping stove or farm machinery and decided to take his find home. The pair reportedly drive over 50-miles home with their newly found "treasure" in the backseat.

However, when the arrived at home, they examined the item further and started became concerned so they went on-line to see if they could identify the item. After some web searching, they become alarmed that the item was ordnance and decided to contact police. The British Army's Royal Logistic Corps bomb disposal squad responded and identified the item as a British Trench Mortar Bomb. The item was safely disposed of without incident by the EOD team.

In an interview, the grandmother of the boy said, "My daughter contacted me last night to tell me the bomb squad was on their way from Catterick after she contacted the police about something my grandson had found whilst magnet fishing in Helmsley on Mother's Day. It turned out to be an unexploded WWII mortar bomb."

Young Magnet Fisherman Hooks a WWI Grenade

Oxford, England A 9-year-old boy visiting his aunt had quite an adventure when he reeled in an antique stick grenade from the River Thames. Elijah Hearn pulled up the rusty UXO from the river after a group of experienced magnet fishermen on the shore offered to let him give it a try.

In an interview, Hearn said he didn't have much luck on the first try, but on the second throw, "that's when the man told me we found a bomb. He told me to stay back."

The ordnance, identified as a WWI era grenade, was safely removed for disposal by authorities. His mom said, "It's interesting. I think it's quite exciting, as long as it's not live."

The group of magnet fishermen who witnessed Hearn's catch said it has found "at least" five 100-year-old hand grenades in the river along with three handguns.

Another Hand Grenade Magnet Fishing Find

Dorchester, United Kingdom a 27 year old man magnet fishing at River Frome pulled up a rusty hand grenade. The man notified the police who responded and setup an exclusion zone around the area until an EOD team could arrive.

The man, who is a member of the Dorset Magnet Fishing Community, claimed to on Social Media that it was the third time he found a military hand grenade while magnet fishing. The first grenade was recovered from a river in Dorchester and the second grenade from the River Frome.


Magnet Fishing Reels In Hand Grenade

Reading, United Kingdom Two friends magnet fishing in the Thames near Christchurch Bridge pulled up a hand grenade from the river bottom. Realizing the find as it got closer, the man decided to lower in back to the water as the two notified the police.


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