UXO Safety Zone Established for Portions of the Raritan River

Raritan, New Jersey The Coast Guard finalized a Final Rule to establish a permanent safety zone within the waters of the Raritan River upstream of the Perth Amboy Railroad Bridge to provide for the protection of the maritime public and safety of navigation during removal of underwater explosive hazards in the Raritan River. This rule restricts unauthorized persons and vessels from traveling through or conducting underwater activities within a portion of the Raritan River while military munitions are rendered safe, detonated, and/or removed from the area.


Permanent UXO Safety Zone Established for Gravesend Bay

Brooklyn, New York In a notice published in the Federal Register, the Coast Guard announced the establishment of a permanent safety zone in the waters of Gravesend Bay due to the hazards associated with potential underwater UXO in the area. The rule which goes into effect on 30 June encompasses all waters of Gravesend Bay within 110-yard radius of position 40[deg]36'30'' N, 074[deg]02'14'' W (NAD 83), approximately 70-yards southeast of the Verrazano Bridge Brooklyn tower.


Permanent Exclusion Zone Set Up For Seal Island Due to UXO

Seal Island, Maine The Coast Guard announced that it will establish a permanent safety zone around Seal Island from the shoreline out to the 60 foot depth curve. The Coast Guard considered the safety zone to be necessary for "the safety of life on the navigable waters around Seal Island by protecting mariners from the hazards of MEC found in the area." The safety zone prohibits persons and vessels from entering transiting, diving, dredging, dumping, fishing, trawling, conducting salvage operations, remaining within or anchoring in the designated safety zone unless authorized by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port Northern New England.


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