Old Torpedo Found Lodged in Ferry Pier

Ayrshire, United Kingdom Divers working on the Largs Promenade Ferry Pier discovered an unexploded torpedo buried within the underwater structure of the pier. The workers called the Royal Navy to report their unusual and potentially dangerous find. The Royal Navy dispatched an EOD team from Faslane Naval Base to respond and provide technical support. The pier was closed and a 100-meter safe area was established during the 4-hour incident.


Underwater UXO Training Focuses on WWII UXO

Solomon Islands Divers from Australian EOD Clearance Dive Team Four and a Bomb Disposal team from the Solomon Islands Police Force are working together to clear underwater UXO remaining from WWII. The clearance effort is part of a training cooperation program between Australia and the Solomon Islands designed to train and educate the Solomon Islands Bomb Disposal Force in finding, recovering, and disposing of UXO including underwater munitions.


International Sea Mine Clearing Operation Kicks Off

Seven NATO ships and two French minesweeping vessels have begun a campaign to clear historic unexploded naval sea mines from the Seine Bay off Normandy. The sea mines, left over from WWII, still pose an explosive threat to ships and fisherman trawling in the waters. Over 400 sailors from seven countries are involved in the operation that is scheduled to last through the end of the month. The goal of the operation is to search, locate, and destroy the historic sea mines.

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