Carolina Man Finds WWII UXO during Home Renovation

Durham, North Carolina Durham police and bomb squad responded to a home after the homeowner found a mortar round stamped 1942 while doing renovations. Dr. Ralph Haynes said he found the WW-II mortar round in his crawl space, behind a cement post. He moved it to his garage before calling police.

Officials from the Durham County Sheriff's Office's Bomb Squad evacuated the immediate area and safely removed the round. Haynes said he has no idea how the mortar ended up under his house.

Stolen Car Investigation Leads to Munition Find

El Centro, California The El Centro Police Department (ECPD) conducting an investigation into a stolen car questioned two men at a hotel where the car was parked. The conversation led to a search of the hotel room where a mortar round was found along with the stolen car's keys, stolen checks, and methamphetamine. They also found a modified shotgun and ammunition inside the car.


Kitchen Sink Destroyed By UXO

Deal, United Kingdom A 38-year-old mother and 8-year-old daughter got the shock of their lives when a item they brought back from the beach suddenly burst into flames. The two unknowing found a WWII era hand grenade on the beach.

Believing the item was a fossil or old bone the two reportedly brought the encrusted item home and began to clean and scrape it when it caught fire in their kitchen sink. Emergency personnel responded and evacuated the area.


TSA Agents Find Military Smoke Grenade in Luggage

Reston, Virginia TSA officers at Washington Dulles International Airport found a live military smoke grenade in a traveler's checked luggage. The bag triggered an alarm during screening and when an officer opened the bag to inspect the contents, they discovered the canister labeled "smoke/yellow".


Army Sergeant Charged For Allegedly Stealing Munitions

Dawsonville, Georgia A U.S. Army sergeant has been arrested and charged by local authorities for allegedly stealing over a dozen explosive devices from the Camp Merrill Training Facility. Sgt. Jesse Gray Phillips, 23, was arrested after investigators received an anonymous tip, leading them to find multiple illegal explosive devices, firearms and narcotics in Phillips' vehicle and residence.

Investigators conducted a traffic stop on Phillips' vehicle near his home. A subsequent search of the vehicle reportedly resulted in two military smoke grenades and a handgun. A subsequent search of the suspect's home reportedly led to the discovery of 15 ground burst M115 devices, four blasting caps, an additional smoke grenade, and two rifles.


Father and Son Foolishly Handle WP Round

Folkstone, United Kingdom A 50-year civilian and his two sons are lucky to be alive after they found a WWII era mortar while exploring Warren Beach. After finding the mortar round, the father reportedly held the round in his hand to post a photo of it on social media.


Explosive Cup Holder - Man Drives Grenade To Police Station

Chattanooga, Tennessee A man drove his truck to the Hixson fire hall and informed the crew that he had a World War II Japanese hand grenade in his cup holder that he needed "help getting rid of the device." Firefighters took precautions and called the Chattanooga Police Department's Bomb Squad to help properly dispose of the grenade.


Live Grenade in Goodwill Bin

West Bend, Wisconsin According to police reports, an employee at a West Bend Goodwill found a hand grenade in the donation bin. Officers safely evacuated the store and secured the surrounding area before requesting assistance from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office bomb disposal unit. A subsequent press release from officials confirmed that the hand grenade was live (specific type not reported) and that it was safely transported for disposal.

Preparations for VP Visit Interrupted by Ordnance Find

Harwich, Massachusetts In an ill-advised move, a resident drove an ordnance item he found in his basement to the Harwich Police Station. Police sent out a notice stating: "The parking area and lobby of the Public Safety Facility is CLOSED due to an unexploded military shell that was brought to the station. If you need to come to the station you must pull to the far right side of the fire station and call 430-7541. A dispatcher will speak with you and an officer will come to you. Please do not get out of your vehicle."

Officers placed the item in a cordoned off area of the parking lot. They notified the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad. The units were on Nantucket preparing for the visit of VP Mike Pence and Gov. Charlie Baker, so a state police helicopter was able to fly the members of the bomb squad back to the mainland. Barnstable Police then brought them to their vehicles, and they rushed to move the ordnance to a secure location where it was safely detonated. The troopers believed it was an an inert training aid used back in WWII. However, they did not want to take any chances with the item.

Boater Brings Live Ordnance to Marina

Carteret County, North Carolina Military ordnance was cause for concern at a Carteret County marina after a boater found the UXO in nearby waters. The ordnance was brought to Dudley's Marina by the boater, who transported the device from Browns Inlet to Dudley's Marina in Cedar Point. Upon arrival, employees of the marina notified law enforcement with N.C. Marine Patrol, who notified New River Air Station.

A Marine EOD unit from Camp Lejeune responded to secure the area. Several local agencies were involved in the disposal including Marine Patrol, the U.S. Coast Guard, Swansboro Fire Department, and Swansboro Police Department, and West Carteret Fire Department (WCFD).

Reportedly, the boater found the UXO on Browns Island which is a restricted area due to frequent live-fire training exercises conducted in the area. Civilians are not authorized to be on Browns Island without prior approval.

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