1000-pound US Bomb Forces Evacuations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China Construction workers in Hong Kong were shocked to unearth a 1,000-pound WWII-era bomb. The senior bomb disposal officer on scene, Tony Chow Shek-kin, said that he believes the bomb was American made, and was most likely dropped into Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation of the city during the war.


Assistance with Veterans Benefits Claims and Medical Board

Below is an article from Stuart A. Steinberg. Stuart is a retired EOD Specialist with experience in military criminal law, teaching, and private investigation. We thank Stuart for his interesting article, and encourage others to submit articles. If you are interested in submitting an article to our site, please email Rhonda Crowley at rhonda@ordnanceholdings.com.

I have been a veterans service officer with Vietnam Veterans of America since 1978, and United Spinal Association since 2005. I served as an EOD specialist from 1968-1971, including 18 months in Vietnam. I was wounded twice, decorated for heroism, and have several awards for meritorious achievement during ground combat operations. I am the Veterans Benefits Coordinator for the National EOD Association and am on their Board of Directors. Since retiring in 2004, I have been serving as a volunteer assisting my fellow veterans, their widows and children, and active duty military personnel with claims for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, military medical boards, physical evaluation boards and applications to correct records.


Potential Scrap Metal More than These Fisherman Bargained For

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines Fishermen off the coast of Cagayan de Oro City hauled in more than they were expecting when they came across two large metal objects while out fishing. Believing the metal to be scrap, the fishermen dragged the metal into their boat, hoping to sell the metal to make some extra money. Upon closer inspection, however, the fishermen could tell the metal objects looked like they might be explosives and reported the find to authorities.

The Cagayan de Oro City Police Office EOD unit examined the metal objects and found them to be UXO, likely from the WWII era. The area the fishermen had found the objects in was a dock for American soldiers during WWII and the EOD team believes that more UXO may be present in that area. EOD stressed that in similar circumstances, civilians should not touch or move similar objects, and should report them to authorities to be cleared before attempting to move them.


Bomb Squad Responds to a Cache of War Souvenirs

Richfield, Utah A local resident was combing through her elderly father's belongings when she came across some old ordnance items. She rightfully contacted authorities immediately.



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