Beachcomber Detector WWII Shrapnel Bomb

Brean Beach, United Kingdom Portions of Brean Beach were closed when a local metal detector enthusiast uncovered the fuse from a WWII era shrapnel bomb. Police and Coast Guard officers responded to inspect the find but where forced to wait until the next day to remove the item due to high tides.


Teenage Boy Pulls Grenade From River

Cambridge, United Kingdom A 13-year old teenage boy pulled an unexploded grenade from the River Cam during a magnet fishing trip with his mother. The mother notified the police who responded and cleared the area before calling EOD.


WWII Era Bomb Defused At Construction Site

Kai Tak, China Hong Kong police responded to a UXO find at a construction site at the Kai Kai MTR train station. Approximately 2,300 people were evacuated from nearby residences and businesses as bomb disposal personnel conducted a render safe procedure on the item.


Audit on MEC Processes on Guam Reveals Inadequacies

Washington, DC The Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Defense released Report Number DODIG-2020-093, "Audit of the Department of Defense's Processes to Identify and Clear Munitions and Explosives of Concern During Construction on Guam." The audit sought to "determine whether DoD personnel implemented safety standards and quality assurance controls for addressing MEC during military construction projects on Guam, and whether DoD personnel properly managed safety concerns and readiness related to MEC on Guam in accordance with military standards and risk-management instructions."

The study reviewed the overall MEC clearance process for military construction (MILCON) projects at Joint Region Marianas (JRM), the joint U.S. military command on Guam. It is estimated that The Battle of Guam during WWII resulted in some 11,000 MEC items due to heavy air, sea, and land bombings.


New Museum Curator Makes Explosive Discovery

Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana A new employee at the Berrien Springs County Plaza Museum in Berrien Springs, Michigan got some interesting "on-the-job" training when he came across an artifact marked with a sticky-note stating, "Danger, it may be active." The curator was sorting through old inventory when he found the Civil War cannon ball with the note attached.

He immediately notified the museum director, Rhiannon Cizon. Cizon's first thought was, "This is not good." Cizon went on to say, "He then told me that there were three more where this came from." Other munitions were also discovered that had the potential of still being active.

Grissom Air Reserve Base EOD was then notified. "We could tell from photos that the munitions had the potential of being live," said Staff Sgt. Rogerito Miravete-Disantis, 434th Civil Engineer Squadron EOD technician and team lead for the incident. "This type of cannon ball in particular often contains an internal charge that can be unstable due to the age and condition of the device."


Grenade found at Finnish Red Cross Thrift Shop

Oulu, Finland EOD technicians responded to a Red Cross charity thrift shop in Oulu after employees discovered a grenade among donated items dropped off for sale. Oulu Police tweeted, "The building has been evacuated and police are guarding the area. The Finnish Defence Forces have begun preparations to remove the hand grenade."

Oulu Police Commissioner Juha Niemelä said that it was not immediately clear whether the grenade was functional or even genuine. "But I'd say that it looks like a real hand grenade," Niemelä said. The shop was closed while EOD safely removed the device.

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