U.S. Responds To CWM Munitions in Panama

Re-post of an article from the Fort Hood Sentinel website

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland Soldiers from the 48th Chemical Brigade recently applied their expertise when they participated in a mission to destroy eight chemical munitions located on Panama's San Jose Island.

As early as 1978, according to a 2015 report prepared by the assistant secretary of the Army, the Panamanians raised the question of potential hazards and the feasibility of removing any potential chemical munitions on the island. As Panama acceded to the Chemical Warfare Convention in 1998, San Jose Island was looked at for development and the issue of the potential hazards was raised again. The report states that in 2001, a private company surveyed the island and documented the presence of chemical warfare items, some of which were of U.S. origin.

San Jose Bomb


Munition Found At Quarry Site

Eversley, United Kingdom Workers at a quarry found a munition at the worksite and called the police to report the find. Police responded and evacuated the area before calling in the bomb squad.


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