UXO Guest Author Program

The UXO Guest Author program is a way for UXO professionals interested in networking and sharing information to support UXOInfo.com's mission while broadening their exposure to the industry in the process.

As the name suggests, UXO Guest Authors are information contributors to the UXOInfo.com website and UXO E-Newsletter who serve on a part-time voluntary basis. As a Guest UXO Author you agree to the following:

  • To submit at least two UXO related articles or information resources per month (the more the better).
  • The material will be posted on the UXOInfo.com website for industry wide use.
  • The material must be UXO or range related and not simply advertisements of products or services.
  • No classified information what so ever is allowed (UXOInfo.com is open to the public)
  • No copy written or protected information is allowed unless permission from the owner is obtained (responsibility of the guest author).
  • Articles may be selected for posting in the monthly UXO E-Newsletter.
  • UXOInfo.com reserves the right to reject or edit articles submitted for posting.

Why Become a UXO Guest Author?

UXO Guest Authors get access and wide exposure to the UXO industry which helps to establish name recognition within the industry. In a close knit industry like the UXO industry, name recognition and exposure mean everything. As a UXO Guest Author, UXOInfo.com will setup a personal profile / bio which is included as a link to all articles submitted. Your personal profile will include your background, company name (with logo), and contact information. UXOInfo.com can also setup an email account for you (i.e., your_name@uxoinfo.com) which can be accessed by a mail server website or automatically forwarded as needed.

To submit information and articles, simply email the text and any images or attachment to UXOInfo.com at information@uxoinfo.com. UXOInfo.com will develop a mock up of the article on the UXOInfo.com preview page and send you a link for final review and approval before posting. Users will be able to comment on your article and/or email you directly which leads meaningful dialogue and information sharing.

You already submit and present papers at conferences to get exposure so why not go on-line and get exposure to the entire UXO industry each and every month.

To become a UXO Guest Author contact UXOInfo.com at information@uxoinfo.com with your bio and profile and a list of topics or subject areas which you want to focus on. UXOInfo.com will prepare a formal announcement for release to the industry. If you want to contribute or serve as a UXO Guest Author but rather remain anonymous then simply let us know and we will setup a "ghost author" account for you instead of a personal profile.

Current UXO Guest Authors.

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