Law Investigation Evidence Dive Turns Into UXO Find

Spencer, Indiana Officers uncovered a mortar round while diving in the White River. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Law Enforcement Division divers were not expecting to find a munition during the evidence recovery dive. The divers called the Indiana State Police bomb squad to assist with the munition identified as a mortar round.

The bomb squad safely relocated to munition to the riverbank for proper disposal. Authorities do not suspect that the round was associated with the evidence investigation they were conducting.

Bill's Gravatar This is not a mortar. It looks to be a 75mm Shrapnel projectile with a M1907 PTT fuze, it looks to have a rotating band that has been fired with the rifling scaring the rotating band,
# Posted By Bill | 11/9/15 8:17 AM
John Bastien's Gravatar Yep looks like an old shrap round.
# Posted By John Bastien | 11/28/15 11:26 AM

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