Boy Finds Grenade, Practices 3Rs

West Hartford, Connecticut The West Hartford Police Department responded to a home in West Hartford when a 12-year-old boy came home from school to find a dark green, pineapple hand grenade in his front yard. He wisely left it in place and went to tell his mother, who was shocked to find the munition in the mulch by her front porch. The local bomb squad plans to dispose of the ordnance which did not appear to be live.

Elsie M.'s Gravatar That is very strange when some find something like that in front of their house. The people should take care of that and keep an eye on such criminal activities around them and call the police. I hope everyone safe and sound and bomb squad disposes of the grenade. Thanks please share more stories on website like this.
# Posted By Elsie M. | 3/31/18 6:49 AM

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