Austria WWII Era Ordnance Clearance

Allentsteig, Austria Demolition operations began at the Allentsteig military training area to dispose of over 18 tons of UXO recovered from various construction sites around Austria and Germany. UXO, primarily consisting of WWI and WWII era ordnance, is disposed of twice a year at the Allentsteig facility located north of Vienna.


The two day disposal operation included a series of disposal shots to dispose of the large cache of ordnance which included allied bombs and other ordnance from WWII. Austria's defence minister, journalists and others were invited to witness the disposal shots from a bunker a safe distance away.


Last year, 11 tons of UXO were disposed of at the military facility including UXO recovered from lakes, rivers and mountains around Austria. The UXO included ordnance left over from fighting between Austrian and Italian troops in World War I.

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