More WWII Era Find on Isle of Man

Smeale, Isle of Man A civilian metal detector enthusiast found a WWII era UXO in Smeale in the north end of the island. The find was reported to authorities and an exclusion zone was setup by the local Coast Guard until a Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit from the UK could respond.


EOD disposed of the item (reported as a WWII era WP round - nomenclature not provided) in a controlled demolition shot. The Isle of Man Coast Guard released a statement to remind locals that "All suspicious objects found around the Manx coast should be reported as soon as possible."

On average, approximately 10 UXO items are recovered each year from the Isle of Man, an island in the northern Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland, as it was reportedly utilized as a training area during WWII by the Allies.

For example, back in February, a UXO item was found in a rock pool south of Queen's Pier in Ramsey (shown below) (about 7 miles SW from the latest find) and two mortars in the Sartfell area (14 miles S of the latest find) in 2016.



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