EOD Uses Explosives To Verify Munition As Inert

Saltstone, United Kingdom A Coastguard Rescue Team responded to Saltstone near Wanson Bay after a discovery of a possible UXO. Once there, they determined that the munition had already been declared harmless several years ago.

Despite the fact, photos of the item were then sent to the Coastguard Operations Centre in Falmouth, who then forwarded them to the Royal Navy's EOD Unit. Though not believed to be an immediate threat, they sent a team to inspect the find the next day.

The team was unable to make a positive identification, and because the item could not be removed due to its size and being embedded under heavy rocks, EOD removed one end with a 1kg explosive charge to see inside. Boscastle Coastguard Team was called in to cordon off the area and police closed off an adjacent road. The blast was reportedly heard three miles away. After opening up the ordnance, it was believed to be a dummy WWII anti-shipping mine.


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