UXO Stuck in Excavator is Safely Removed

Agat, Guam The Guam Police and Fire Departments responded to 911 reports of a UXO at a construction site near the Agat Mayors Office. The round was reportedly stuck in the teeth of an excavator. Navy EOD unit Detachment Marianas was called to move the item to a safe location where it was properly disposed of through a controlled detonation.


Jassica Miller's Gravatar You have posted about a bomb of world war 2. It is really very dangerous, proper steps should be taken to clear such bombs they are very dangerous for civil population.
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# Posted By Jassica Miller | 12/18/18 3:49 AM
Mark's Gravatar It is very dangerous to find such bomb in residential area. I suggest that government and army should search the area properly so search for more bombs. I have bookmarked the website to read more articles related to the topic.
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# Posted By Mark | 12/18/18 4:35 AM

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