Staff Sargent Recognized for Accomplishments On and Off Duty

Ramstein Air Base, Germany Staff Sgt. Tyler D. Nelson, 86th Maintenance Group maintenance operations center (MOC) senior controller, was recognized as Airlifter of the Week for his excellent work ethic as well as for managing to potentially save lives outside of work through his innocent hobby of metal detecting.

While out enjoying his hobby on a farm near the base, Nelson discovered a WWII-era UXO buried in shallow ground. According to Nelson, "Typically, we find a lot of old plow blades, but once I started getting to the end of it, I saw the fuse [fuze] on it. I backed up, composed myself and waited until the experts came out and looked at it."

Police responded and notified EOD for technical support. EOD identified the munition as an 88 mm anti-aircraft shell.

Since that initial find, Nelson has discovered about ten more UXO, all of which have been safely disposed of without incident. When he isn't saving lives with his metal detecting hobby, Nelson has numerous military accomplishments including developing and implementing an aircraft tow tracking system, which enhanced the status information for aircraft ground activity.

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