UXO Found on Famed Scottish Links

South Ayrshire, Scotland There was some unexpected excitement on one of Scotland's famous golf courses when maintenance crews at Royal Troon Golf Club discovered more than just some lost golf balls. Several UXO were found on the course, which has hosted a number of Championship events over the years.

A Royal Navy EOD team responded to remove the unidentified items. A Scotland police spokesperson said, "police were called after a number of unexploded military ordnance devices were discovered on the Portland Course which was undergoing maintenance at Royal Troon Golf Course, Troon. The Explosives Ordnance Division of the Royal Navy is at the scene and will safely remove the items and carry out a controlled explosion this afternoon at a safe location away from the golf course."

U.S. PGA golfer Phil Mickelson who came up short in a battle against Henrik Stenson at the 2016 Open, joked on Twitter, "Sorry about that. I left them in 2016 hoping Stenson would step on one. Only way I was going to beat him. He never did and I forgot to pick them up. My bad."

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