Couple Digs Up Grenade While Gardening

Scotforth, England A civilian couple digging out a distressed tree in their front garden got the shock of the day when a grenade "rolled out of the soil." According to one of the finders, "You could tell it wasn't a normal rock. It was oval shaped and I was tapping it with a stone and my husband said 'that looks like a grenade' so I stopped tapping it!"

Lancaster Grenade

The couple reported their find to police and an armed unit responded to close the road. An EOD team from Cheshire was also called out. The couple was instructed to leave it somewhere safe and get inside the house.

An x-ray on the device determined that it did not contain explosives, and it was safely removed. EOD noted that it was their third call in a week for suspicious items as more people have been working outside due to stay at home protocols in place.

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