Ordnance Components Found In Shipment of Potatoes

Dunaegyhaza, Hungary Hungarian EOD forces were requested by police to investigate suspicious metal objects found on the property of a local potato plant. EOD reported several ordnance related items including fuzes and No. 101 Mk II type British-made World War I artillery detonators.

The potatoes reportedly came from Normandy and authorities suspect that the ordnance components likely were mixed with the potatoes during large-scale, machine-harvesting of the potatoes where objects similar in size are screened from the ground.


Although some of the ordnance material dated back to WWI, EOD suspects that the items were likely deposited into the soil during combat operations in WWII when Germany plundered a significant amount of ordnance in 1940 from the British forces and used it in several locations, including Normandy.

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