Kids Praised for Their Response to WWII Anti-tank Mine Find

Slapton Sands, England Two young children are being heralded for their quick-thinking and wise decision making after they alerted authorities to a WWII anti-tank mine uncovered during a storm. The Dartmouth Coastguard Rescue Team was called to Slapton Sands after a report of the UXO on the beach.

According to a statement from the rescue team, "On our arrival we were met by the local family that had called us; they had been walking on the beach after the overnight storm. Their children ages 11 and 7, had spotted an upturned WWII anti-tank mine at the top of the beach, which had been uncovered during the storm. Living locally they knew the history of Slapton Sands and the significance of what they found and told their parents, who called the Coastguard."

Royal Navy EOD was called to attend to the UXO, yet another anti-tank mine added to the list of several which have recently been found on Slapton Sands. The road was temporarily closed for public safety, and the mine was destroyed in place.

The statement continued, "Well done to the boys for spotting this mine and doing the right thing by contacting the Coastguard." Slapton Sands was the location for Exercise Tiger or Operation Tiger, one of a series of large-scale rehearsals for the D-Day invasion of Normandy in 1944.

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