Home Renovation Project Results In UXO Find

Exter, United Kingdom Homeowners were shocked when their contractor working on an extension to their home reported finding a munition during excavations. Police initially responded to incident before they called the Royal Navy EOD for technical support. EOD responded after the homeowners and construction crew were evacuated. EOD identified the item as an incendiary round before safely transporting the item for proper off-site disposal.

The homeowner described the find to reporter: "One of the builders was on the digger this morning when he came across the incendiary mortar. He picked it up and it was like pass the parcel as we held it to have a look. It was like a rusty cylinder with a toffee sweet wrapper shape at the end. I shouted to Tim to quickly come and see it because he was out the front of the house. The builders googled it and that's when we realized it was a bomb."

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