Bomb Disposal Fireworks Call Results In Injuries

Los Angeles, California Police responded to residential property after receiving a tip of a large cache of illegal fireworks. Police removed between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds of fireworks from the house using three box trucks and a 53-foot trailer.

In the cache, officers found 40 items described as 'explosive devices' along with '200 similarly made smaller devices'. The total weight of the explosive devices was reported as 10 pounds. Due to concerns that the explosive devices were unstable, the bomb squad brought in a truck mounted containment vessel designed to sustain a blast from 15 pounds of explosives. However, when the items were detonated in the truck, resulting blast ripped the truck apart and flipped over nearby parked cars.

At least 17 people - 10 law enforcement personnel and seven residents were injured as a result of the blast. LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore told reporters at a news conference - "Now this is a semi-truck, multi-ton, commercial-grade transport that, within it, has an iron chamber that is meant for this, where they house explosive material that can be safely detonated." He added: "This vessel should have been able to safely dispose of that material."

LAPD Lt. Raul Jovel stated at a press conference: "This was completely unexpected. They followed all the protocols in place. It was not really one of these explosions that was unplanned. This was planned." He went on to state: "They had 10 pounds of explosive device substance that they put in there. This truck is rated for a lot more pounds than that -- at least 15 pounds -- so all protocols, training was followed." He added: "We're not sure what happened. This vehicle came apart, literally."

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he has directed the police department to launch a full investigation into the explosion, adding he was "deeply concerned" for the injured.

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