Fishermen Net a Small Cache of Mortar Rounds

Lake Victoria, Uganda Fishermen using cast nests from their boat fresh water lake thought they had caught the catch of their lifetime when the nets became heavy to raise. The men put down their paddles and worked together to bring the catch in.

However, instead of a load of fish, the men had raised a rusty metal box. Upon opening the box, the men got the shock of their lives when they found six 60mm mortar rounds inside.

Two of the men in boat were reported so shocked, they immediately jumped into the hippo infested waters, fearing that the rounds would explosive. The others in the boat calmly rowed to shore and reported the incident to local officials.

Authorities notified the local Bomb Disposal and Hazardous Materials unit based in Kisumu, who rushed to scene and took possession of the mortars for proper disposal.

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