WWII Bomb Unearthed in Poland is Safely Removed

Wroclaw, Poland Several thousand residents of Wroclaw, Poland's third largest city, were evacuated after a massive WWII bomb was discovered during construction on a housing estate. Army EOD responded to remove the device and safely detonate it at a military training range.

Marek Gwozdz, a spokesperson for the army training center for engineering and chemical-response teams in Wroclaw said, "An aerial bomb weighing about 500 kg was found at a depth of about four meters. After reconnaissance and consultations with the police, it was decided that the unexploded bomb would be removed."

A 1,000 meter cordon was established and a voluntary evacuation ordered while the ordnance was disposed of safely by the technicians. Such finds are common in Poland which was heavily bombed by invading German forces at the start of WWII and later by Allied forces during the subsequent German occupation.

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