Man Fins UXO While Gardening

Surrey, England A man working in his garden found more than weeds when he uncovered a projectile. After handling the item for a brief period, the homeowner opted to call the local authorities to respond. Surrey Police and Surrey Fire and Rescue responded as well as a EOD team (responding unit not identified) to secure and dispose of the hazard.

Describing the incident to reporters, the man stated: "I was just doing some gardening. I'm getting some fencing work done at the back and it was a lovely day for it. I was tidying up when there was this object about a foot long. It was obviously a shell and not a bomb - goodness knows how it got there. I didn't know what the dickens it was it was so I picked it up and thought 'this doesn't look right'. I moved it a bit and called the fire service."

The man described the 3-hour response time from initial call to the all-clear response as "very efficient service" telling reporters, "they assessed and took it away - the high-risk ones are detonated on site. Fortunately it didn't come to that or the new fences would have been blown away. It's absolutely bizarre. I'm going back into the garden now to finish off what I was doing three hours ago and I hope there's no more!"

A Surrey Police spokesperson said: "We received a report of an unexploded shell that had been found in a garden in Burwood Park Road in Hersham. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal team attended, the shell was removed & taken elsewhere. It has now been disposed of through a controlled explosion. There is no wider risk to the public and cordons that were in place have been removed. We would like to thank local residents for their understanding while we responded."

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