Turmoil in Cleveland Bomb Squad

Cleveland, Ohio Six members of the Cleveland Bomb squad resigned over alleged safety concerns with their new supervisor. Reportedly, the six officers were especially incensed after a recent training exercise at the Airport was conducted with live explosives vs a simulant potentially putting personnel and the airport at risk.

In their resignation letters the officers said they would return to the unit if the supervisor was removed. According to Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Herold Pretel, there are no immediate plans to remove the supervisor as investigations so far has turned up no wrongdoing. But police officials have added an extra supervisory position to the unit.

Pretel told reporters during a safety briefing ahead of the St Patrick's Day parade that members of the FBI, ATF, and officers from two regional police task forces will shore up the loss of six bomb squad officers for the time being. Police officials previously declined to comment on the future of the unit, saying they would not comment because it divulged "tactical information."

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