Recreational 'Mudlarking' Results in UXO Find

Port Talbot, south Wales Friends 'mudlarking' (the process of looking through earth - most typically river mud - for items of value that have been washed up or buried) in the Afan Forest made an explosive discovery when found a UXO item.

The 27-year-old woman described the incident to reporters, "There is a part of the land that has been excavated so I thought there might be some old bottles or something in there. I was looking over the edge when I spotted it. It had white rust on it which is galvanized steel. I was walking towards my partner sort of saying 'look what I've found' when I realized what it was."

She went on to say, when the two suspected that it may be ordnance, the pair informed South Wales Police. The police contacted the bomb squad and experts detonated the device on nearby forestery land.

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