Beach Shutdown after Boy Finds Suspected UXO

Leysdown-on-Sea, England A UK beach was closed after a family uncovered a suspected UXO. Tracy Ryan took her children to Leysdown beach on the Isle of Sheppey to cool off on a hot summer day only to have her son uncover ordnance in the sand.

Ryan said, "My son walked out on the mud looking about and came back with part of a bomb. We didn't think it was anything so put it to one side, but when a friend came along we got him to check it and he said he thought it was an unexploded bomb."

She then alerted police who responded to cordon off the area. A statement from police read, "Kent Police and HM Coastguard attended the beach near Shellness Road, following a report that suspected unexploded ordnance had been found. A Ministry of Defence EOD team later removed the item from the beach."

There is no confirmation as to whether the unidentified shell was live, what era it was from, or its country of origin.

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