Suspect Item on Beach Leads to Multi-agency Response

Workington, England Whitehaven Coast Guard Rescue Team was called in after reports that a walker had discovered a suspicious object on a West Cumbrian beach. The team responded to locate and assess the item believed to be old ordnance and relay those details to EOD experts. Royal Navy divers also responded to assist Coast Guard.

After additional examination, the Coast Guard Rescue Team issued the following statement, "On closer inspection, despite the initial shape and size of this item, it was assessed on site by EOD to not be ordnance and so posed no risk to the public. It is believed to be a concreted waste pipe left behind from historical industrial works in the area. Whilst this item was deemed safe, it could well have been ordnance. The first informant taking down coordinates and reporting to the Coast Guard straight away was exactly the right thing to do, allowing this to be assessed."

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