Gas Cylinder Sparks UXO Scare on UK Beach

Eyemouth, Scotland Coastguard teams responded to an Eyemouth beach for reports of a suspect ordnance item. After photographing the item, a decision was made to leave it in place due to the rising tide.

A follow-up assessment revealed that it was a gas cylinder which closely resembles some WWII ordnance.

A spokesperson for the Eyemouth Coastguard said, "The team was tasked to locate possible unexploded ordnance on Linkim beach after a member of the public reported finding an object that was potentially ordnance. The item was quickly located and photographs were taken and sent to the (British Army's) Explosive Ordnance Disposal team for analysis."

The statement went on to say, "The EOD assessment decided the item required further investigation by them, but due to the rising tide the decision was made this would be done the next morning at the low tide. Eyemouth Coastguard remained on scene until midnight and then stood down to return in the morning. The team returned at 0830 this morning along with Berwick Coastguard Rescue Team and two members from the British Army EOD team."

EOD confirmed Coastguard suspicions that the item was indeed a gas cylinder. They then removed the top of the cylinder to prevent further callouts, as it was stuck under a large rock and could not be completely removed.

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