Army EOD Detonates WWII Bomb in Racecourse Parking Lot

Hereford, England British Army EOD from Ashchurch Troop, 721 EOD squadron, 11 EOD and Search Regiment carried out a controlled explosion of a WWII bomb in the parking lot of a racecourse in Hereford. According to the Ministry of Defense, a 29mm Spigot Mortar (anti-tank weapon) was found in nearby. West Mercia Police requested the EOD response, and the area was cordoned off.

After residents were evacuated from the area, the team conducted a controlled explosion in the racecourse parking lot. "The bomb wasn't actually found on our site," said Hereford's general manager Camilla Esling.

"It was in a local housing estate that backs onto our car park, which was the closest open space for the army to dispose of it. We weren't contacted, but they dealt with it as swiftly as they could. There are gates into the car park so they could clear the area easily. Thankfully we had space to accommodate that and luckily it wasn't on the actual racecourse ahead of our next meeting on Saturday."

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