Garden UXO is No "Cartoon"

Tewkesbury, England A bomb disposal unit responded after a suspected UXO was found in a backyard garden. Tina Otto was gardening with her son-in-law when they found the suspicious device.

Army EOD responded to assess the item according to Gloucestershire Police. Neighbors in the area were advised to stay indoors until a decision could be made on the item's disposal or removal.

Otto said, "Me and my son-in-law were clearing some space in the garden and I went in doors to make a cup of tea and he came in and said 'you might want to see this'."

"He had dug up a bomb. It was the sort of shape you would see in a cartoon. I told him to get away from it and I called the police."

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said that the munition, believed to WWII-era, was taken to a nearby field and safely destroyed.

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