Farmer Finds Pineapple (Grenade) in Cornfield

Toledo, Ohio The Hancock County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a Hancock County farm after farmer Levi Haselman found what he believed to be a hand grenade while inspecting his cornfield. According to deputies, the suspect item resembled a MK 2 grenade.

"I just knelt down and noticed a rust sticking up top like a piece of metal or something that broke off a tillage tool. So, I actually grabbed it and pulled it out of the ground and realized what it was, and I already had it in my hands," Haselman told reporters. He then notified authorities.

Responding officers contacted the Northwest Ohio Bomb Team, out of Toledo who recovered the grenade and determined it was safe to move for proper disposal.

The MK 2 grenade, also known as a "pineapple grenade," was a standard issue anti-personnel weapon during WWII and the Korean War. There is no indication how the munition ended up buried in the field.

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